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Backup & Disaster Recovery

Everyone understand what database or system Backup means for business. Just not many realize Restoration test/verification is as important. Throughout our experiences, at least 2 incidents reported by client's internal IT team that backup files or VM failed to be restored. Of course, who will doubt on the Auto Backup software provided by reputable company, until the day disaster happened.


iWoWSoft take a very serious approach to scrutinize all the possibles failures. To name a few:

Multiple Daily Backup Copies - with License.jpg
Multiple Daily Backup Copies
  • Daily Backup.

  • Multiple copies of backup to minimize the risk of data loss. (Local server, backup server, NAS and reputable Cloud storage).

Encrypted Remote / Offsite Backup
  • Highly secure (AES 256) encrypted offsite backup.

Encrypted Remote or Offsite Backup - with License.jpg
Data Restoration Test - with License.jpg
Data Restoration Test
  • Regular data restoration test.

Disaster Recovery Testing
  • Disaster Recovery Plan will be performed annually.

Disaster Recovery Testing - with License.jpg
Data Retention  - with License.jpg
Data Retention
  • Data retention of backup file up to 6 months.
    *The retention period is subject to change.

Zero Trust Policy
  • Checklist verified by engineers that backup is performed according to plan.

Zero Trust Policy - with License.jpg
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