Business Process Outsourcing or BPO is a form of outsourcing, implemented across many industries to enhance productivity. One of the most outsourced business processes today, is payroll, which is essential to any business.

Why Outsourcing?

  • Non-value added: Despite its vital function, payroll involves repetitive manual administrative work.

  • Compliance: It entails a good understanding of current legislations, statutory requirements and their related calculations.

  • Continuity: It must be performed in a timely manner, with no interruptions due to staff turnover or errors.

To simplify their payroll process, many businesses have chosen to outsource their payroll, which in turn enables them to focus on strategic operations that enhance their profitability. In order to provide our clients with a comprehensive range of services, iWoWSoft works closely with Payroll Outsource Agencies that offer the best payroll outsourcing solutions to complement our HRMS.

What can Payroll Outsource Agencies gain by collaborating with iWoWSoft?

By working with iWoWSoft, Payroll Outsource Agencies are able to complement their Payroll Outsource Services with iWoWSoft's total HR System, which includes: e-Leave, e-Time Attendance, e-HRiS, e-Expense Claim, ESS Employee Self Service and MSS Manager Self Service. This enables them to maintain a competitive edge, while increasing their revenue. If you're interested in complementing your Payroll Outsource Services with iWoWSoft HRMS, please email us at: for details. And if you're looking for a payroll outsource solution that uses iWoWSoft HRMS, kindly contact our payroll outsource partner:
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