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e - Attendance


When employees’ punctuality and absenteeism become an issue and affect the daily business operations. A good attendance system in HRMS is a necessity.

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Real time attendance update/monitoring from multi location

Get real time clocking with iWoWSoft's e-Attendance module.

  • Works with a wide range of attendance devices (biometric, proximity, and etc).

  • Synchronise all attendance records from multiple location in near real time.

Cross Day Shift

For shifts crossing over to the next day, worry not with our e-Attendance.

  • Configure how system should treat the next day to compute overtime rates if following day is rest day, off day or public holiday.

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Attendance Monitoring At All Level

Allow all levels of management to monitor attendance with iWoWSoft's e-Attendance.

  • Supervisors / Managers can now access their subordinates' duty roster and time attendance records at ease.

Instant/Daily Attendance Notifications

With e-Attendance, forget manually monitoring attendance issues.

  • Instant notifications when employee does not come into work.

  • Daily summary for lateness / early out.

  • Break late in / early out notification.

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Clocking from anywhere and anytime

e-Attendance captures clocking data from anywhere and anytime.

  • Clocking from multi-locations.

  • Clock unlimited times in a day.

  • All clocking data captured and is able to be viewed on individual employee's time entry screen. 

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