e-Attendance Management System

iWoWSoft e-Attendance enables you to login from any device to check the employee’s attendance record from anywhere at any time! It is the perfect solution for companies with multiple work locations or branches. The system removes the limitation of having the attendance records restricted to one computer, thus a supervisor or any authorized personnel can check the attendance record when needed. You can also choose to receive email alerts automatically on any lateness or absenteeism in almost real time! It reduces a HR practitioner’s workload by automating the attendance system. Now, site supervisors can view and approve OT claims of site staff instead of a HR practitioner. On top of that, since it is integrated with payroll, you don’t need to transfer the employee info between HR modules such as attendance, leave and payroll. The system will automatically pull data from leave and attendance regarding OT and non-paid leave to be used in the payroll calculation.

e-Attendance Key Features:

Real-Time Attendance Report for Multiple Working Locations

iWoWSoft e-Attendance is a fully web-based attendance system, which means you can check staff attendance records at other work locations easily. There is no manual work involved, as the “Auto Push Engine” software would be installed into computers at respective locations to push the clock in/out time back to the main server or HQ automatically. All admin users or Heads of Departments could just login to the system and view the attendance records online, anytime, anywhere! As it is not limited to a single computer, iWoWSoft e-Attendance caters for multiple remote locations with real-time notifications.

Email Alert to Notify Lateness and Absenteeism

Set up the e-Attendance Email Alert System to inform the respective Heads of Departments on lateness and CC it to HR. The automated process also allows HR Practitioners to manage attendance issues easily. In addition, the auto email alert system can reduce the rate of absenteeism and lateness of employees!


Fully Integrated with e-Payroll and e-Leave

iWoWSoft e-Attendance is fully integrated with iWoWSoft e-Payroll and e-Leave, which means the system can read the attendance data without needing to MANUALLY IMPORT / EXPORT overtime units and absenteeism data. This improves a company’s efficiency by minimizing the manual work involved and human error.


Fully Compatible with ALL Biometric and Proximity Card Readers

iWoWSoft e-Attendance is compatible with all types of card readers, and even works on different card models from different work locations! This gives you peace of mind and a hassle-free way to manage your staff attendance.

User Definable Shift Settings

With its Unlimited Shift Pattern Setting, iWoW e-Attendance is intelligent enough to detect in/out times via time zones for multiple clock ins/outs. For example, if an afternoon shift worker is asked to come in for a morning shift by a supervisor, it will be automatically detected as a Morning Shift. However, it is the admin user who defines whether the jump shift is allowed.


User Definable Overtime Policy

The Flexible Overtime system setting allows different rates for normal working days, rest days, public holidays, call-back overtime etc. On top of that, its advanced feature allows HR Practitioners to practice pre-overtime application before any overtime takes place for better overtime management and budgeting.


E-Overtime Features That Eliminate Physical OT Form

iWoWSoft e-Attendance allows respective Heads of Departments to login, view and approve overtimes, without the need for filling in and compiling overtime forms. It makes approving, retrieving and rectifying overtimes easier and more effective, with a definable approving work flow.


Cross Day Policy to Accommodate Your Operation Needs

Do you have a 24-hour operation, whereby your night shift clocks in today, but clocks out tomorrow, and your current attendance record can't cater to it? iWoWSoft’s Cross Day Policy manages such issues and is able to split cross day overtimes according to different day types. This process is automated and can be set to your company's policies.


Flexible and Comprehensive Conditional Pay Policy

Powerful and flexible features allow multiple criteria for conditional pay(an allowance subject to conditions) such as; meal allowance, perfect attendance allowance, shift allowance, transport allowance etc.


Superior Login Managing Subordinates' Attendance Anytime from Any Computer

iWoWSoft e-Attendance allows respective supervisors from multiple locations to login and view their subordinates' attendance records and approve overtimes, instead of using the traditional overtime form. This releases the HR Team from manually compiling overtime records and calculating overtimes.