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e-Leave Management System’s Dashboard


Leave applications are undeniably one of the most common daily activities in HR. A good e-Leave system in a HRMS to help govern, monitor and control excessive employees leave entitlement is mandatory.


iWoWSoft’s e-leave system stands out in terms of comprehensiveness and flexibility to cope with the complex HR policy in the company. It does not only help HR ensure the leave is not abused recklessly, but also tremendously reduces the need for employees to check their leave details from HR.

Comprehensive e-Leave Policy Settings for Different Leave Types

Comprehensive e-Leave Policy Settings

iWoWSoft's e-Leave gives the flexibility of creating leave policies according to individual company requirements.​

  • Individual Leave Entitlement Group.

  • Carry forward leave based on service year.

  • Emergency Leave Control.

  • Advanced leave.

  • Unlimited and definable leave types.

Flexible Routing Workflow

Set up workflows for e-leave applications approval:

  • Multilevel workflow settings.

  • Leave type dependence workflow.

  • Emergency Workflow by HR.

  • Set email reminder intervals for pending approvers.

Flexible and Multi-Level Workflow for Leave Approval
Anywhere, Anytime and Any Devices

Just like all other modules of iWoWSoft, there's no restriction on employees accessibility.

  • Borderless access for individual and employees leave management​.

  • 24x7 Accessibility.

  • Works with modern web browsers (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari and Firefox).

  • Native HRMS Mobile App available (iOS, Android).

Leave Summary and Details

You can view all things related to leave details:

  • Summary screen to show the balance for individual leave type

  • Detailed computation for balances of different leave type for individual employees.

Detailed Leave Summary
Leave Reliever Setting for Leave Approval
Leave Reliever

e-Leave handles your concerns on what ifs for leave applications approval.

  • Set relievers for individual approvers for when the approvers are on leave. Ensure employees' applications do not go unattended.

  • Set the period of relieving (start date & end date).

Replacement leave request

With iWoWSoft's e-Leave module, define replacement leaves.

  • Allow replacement leave requests with approval.

  • Set a validity period for applied replacement leaves.

Replacement Leave Request
Fully Integrated
Integration with e-Attendance and e-Payroll for Deductions

Information from iWoWSoft's e-Leave flows to other modules to work efficiently.

  • Integrated with Employee's Time Entry.

  • Flows to payroll for deductions such as unpaid leave and absenteeism values.

Other must have features you will love:
  • Paperless.

  • Leave calendar.

  • D.I.Y Leave Report.

  • Apply leave on behalf.

  • Unlimited leave/group type.

  • Workforce control (Limiting number of employees taking leave on same days).

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