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For the first time ever, the supervisor can verify and approve employees’ overtime without HR’s intervention. No more manual input for employee's overtime hours. iWoWSoft e-Overtime really turns daily daunting tasks into a breeze with just a few clicks of a button.

Truly Paperless
Truly Paperless - Affinity 2.JPG

​Go 100% paperless with our e-Overtime module.


  • No more overtime forms to fill in and sign.

  • Auto overtime approval routing.

  • Able to set a maximum of 5 levels of approval in the approving workflow.

  • Set reminder interval until action has been taken.

Auto overtime hours and value computation

e-Overtime automates the process of computing the overtime hours and values.

  • Auto overtime hours computation is based on in/out time and Overtime Policy set in the system.

  • Approved overtime hours will flow to payroll for computation.

  • Overtime values and hours can be viewed in individual employee's salary entry.

Auto Overtime & Value Computation - Affinity 2.jpg
Supervisor & Manager verify & approve OT (Desktop) - affinity.jpg
Supervisor/manager approve and verify overtimes

Generated e-Overtime applications can be approved and verified by supervisors/managers.

  • e-Overtime application is routed to supervisors/managers to approve overtime hours.

  • Set multiple approving levels (max. up to 5).

Configurable overtime policy and final overtime pay-out verification by HR

e-Overtime gives flexibility to configure overtime policies and gives the flexibility for HR to be the final overtime payout verifier.

  • Configure overtime rounding.

  • Define overtime formulas for different overtime groups.

  • Approve final overtime hours with Conditional Pay processing.

Configurable Overtime Policy -Affinity 2.JPG
Payroll Integration - Affinity 2.JPG
Payroll Integration

e-Overtime directly links to iWoWHRMS e-Payroll.

  • Approved overtime hours flow to e-Payroll for computation.

  • Integrates with e-payroll once overtime values have been verified.

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