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If you have highest demand in terms of payroll accuracy and zero tolerance for failure like us, maybe it's time to take a look at our e-Payroll.

HR is never short of payroll tools. It is always lack of a solution from HR angle that matter. A solution that takes every single steps into considerations and counter for every possible mistakes that might happen during the payroll time.​

Let's explore our powerful e-Payroll solutions.

Process Salary Wizard - Affinity 2.JPG

The state-of-the-art payroll processing engine

iWoWSoft's e-Payroll processing engine does not just help process payroll.
  • Fully Statutory Compliant (EPF, SOCSO, Tax).
  • Multi-companies payroll consolidation.
  • No Month-End and Year-End closing.
  • Process your payroll at anywhere, anytime.
One-Click Manual Input Automation

With iWoWSoft's e-Payroll, all modules are integrated with it.

  • All unpaid leave, overtime hours and etc flow to payroll for computation with just a click of a button.

  • Auto fill up payroll related information from different data sources.

  • No import and export required.

One-Click Manual Automation - Payroll Integration Setting - Affinity - 2.jpg

User Accessible Payroll Audit Trail

Audit Trail (Publish-3).JPG
Third Party integration (Financial system GL and bank integration)

You can do more than just processing payroll:

  • iWoWHRMS' e-Payroll comes with the local banks integration and optional accounting system integration.

Check audit trails with our e-Payroll.


  • View audit trails for previously processed payroll and any changes made to individual employee's salary entry screen values.

  • Detailed information on the changes made to payroll data (eg: username, date and time)

Third Party Integration - Latest.jpg

Detailed computation on how payroll values are derived

Basic Slary Calculation.jpg

Get to know the details of computations in our e-Payroll calculator.

  • Detailed computation for payroll values (eg: basic, overtime, income tax, EIS, etc).

  • Cross check our e-Payroll tax computation with government tax calculator.

  • Allow employees to view their own payroll values and  computations.

Other must have features you will love:
  • Seamlessly integrated with e-Leave and e-Attendance.

  • Consolidated group (multi company) payroll report.

  • Multi currency and payroll cycle.

  • User D.I.Y Payroll Report.

  • e-Banking payment.

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