e-Payroll Management System

iWoWSoft e-Payroll is proven to improve the efficiency of HR practitioners. It caters for payroll calculation, allowances, deductions, statutory deductions, overtimes; unpaid leave etc. iWoWSoft e-Payroll simplifies those hectic payroll processes and minimizes human errors by using various Process Wizards, such as Payroll and Autobank Process Wizards. Its advanced features enable HR departments to work more efficiently and in a much more organized manner. On top of that, there is a front-end audit trail that you can refer to if necessary.

iWoWSoft e-Payslip allows all employees to login in anytime, anywhere using any computer to view their respective e-Payslip from any month and any year. Additional features of Email Payslip, with password protection, are also available.

e-Payroll Key Features:

Accuracy of Payroll Calculation

You might find it hard to believe, but inaccuracy in payroll calculation is a common issue faced by HR Practitioners. Needless to say, accuracy of payroll calculation is paramount, and in addition it effects statutory deductions like EPF, SOCSO and PCB as well. With iWowSoft e-Payroll, you are assured of accurate payroll calculation every time.

Tax Calculation & Link to IRB Calculator

Ever wondered how your tax is calculated? Just hit the "Tax" button to find the detailed calculation! If you hit the "IRB" button, you will be linked directly to the IRB calculator, and all the numbers will be filled automatically. Just click the "calculate" button to double confirm the tax amount. This clever feature saves you from having to explain tax calculations to staff from time to time, and as well all know the PCB deduction formula can be hard to explain.


Integrated with e-Attendance & e-Leave

iWoWSoft e-Payroll has been integrated with e-Attendance and e-Leave, making it a complete HR System. It removes all the unnecessary import and export of attendance and leave records to payroll for processing purposes. It streamlines your payroll processing, thus reduces your human resource cost and minimizes human error as well.


User DIY Payroll Report

One of the most unique features of iWoWSoft e-Payroll is it allows you to define the format and form of the report, as well as download the report according to your needs. It saves your money from customizing a report. With a click of a button, you could save the report into an Excel, Word or PDF format. You are also allowed to share your reports with your colleagues. With iWoWSoft Security Access Management Control, the reports you shared are only the report format, but not the information. The information an employee is allowed to access is controlled by the Admin User.


Consolidated Group Payroll Report

Need to see the bigger picture? iWoWSoft e-Payroll offers reports that can consolidate all the companies within the group, to show you an overview of the group.


Payroll Process Wizard

iWoWSoft e-Payroll's newly-designed state-of-the-art Payroll Process Wizard offers a new experience to all admin users with its step by step guide. A common problem faced by all admin users during payroll processing is errors that are difficult to identify or rectify, or that go unnoticed. With this new wizard, errors or omissions are highlighted for editing to minimize manual checking and increase productivity, particularly in this matter, whereby payroll cannot be delayed for whatever reason.


Auto Bank Wizard

iWoWSoft e-Payroll again offers all admin users a step by step guide called Auto Bank Wizard, which will assist all admin users to perform their Auto Bank tasks easily, be it for salary, EPF, Socso, Zakat, Biro Angkasa or PCB crediting.

No Month-End or Year-End Closing

This means there is no need to back up your data every month and restore past data for correction. There is also no need to print all master reports every month to keep all data in hard copy and you can still refer to historical data easily anytime you like. This is a wonderful feature that reduces your routine work and unproductive hours, allowing you to spend more time for your other HR matters. Please do not invest in a software solution that creates more manual work for your HR team. Month-end and Year-end closing for payroll processing does not bring value at all. iWoWSoft e-Payroll will keep all your payroll records from the very first day to the current date, therefore you could refer to past months or years of payroll records at any time.

Six (6) Payment Periods in a Month

You can take up to six (6) payment periods in a month and choose the cut-off date for each payment period yourself. You can now have plenty of choices, such as to have an advance payment in mid-month, process end-month payroll, process Expense Claim on the 10th, process overtimes on the 20th, the choice is yours. For companies paying weekly wages, you will that find iWoW e-Payroll meets your payroll requirements easily.


Back Dated Salary Calculation

Need to calculate back-dated salaries? iWoWSoft e-Payroll allows you to calculate the right salary arrears and automatically reconciles all overtime rates, allowances and statutory payments (EPF, Socso and PCB).


Multi Currencies Payroll Processing

iWoWSoft e-Payroll can process salaries in multiple currencies and convert to default currency for reporting and viewing purposes. This is ideal for businesses that span across two or more countries or are paying their expatriates in foreign currencies.


Comprehensive Rounding System

A powerful and flexible rounding system that is also user definable, which prevents the miscalculation of salary or statutory payment.


Split Payroll Payment

Have expatriates who need to split their salary payments and TT part of their income back to their home country or other bank accounts? iWoWSoft e-Payroll allows you to split salary payments to up to six (6) accounts.


Payroll Audit Trail

As an Admin User, you can directly access the Audit Trail of payroll processing records to verify who and when, as well as process the payroll based on the settings, without the hassle of contacting the iWoWSoft support team.