iWoWSoft ePayslip & Email Payslip

iWoWSoft ePayslip allows all employees to login in anytime, anywhere using any computer to view their respective ePayslip from any month and year. iWoWsoft's ePayslip will save your costs on paper, distributing of physical payslips, printing and re-printing. We provide more than 60 types of payslip formats for FREE. Customization of payslip format according to the client's requirement could also be arranged.

ePayslip & Email Payslip Key Features:

Employee View of ePayslip


Payslip Password Protection

The additional feature of Email Payslip with password protection is also available. The Password could be set by the Admin or Employee themselves.


Cost Saving and Environmental Friendly

Due to its P&C nature, physical payslips require the usage of security envelopes and printing costs are involved. With epayslip, the costs incurred for physical forms will be eliminated as employees can view their own epayslips online at their own privacy.

Reduce Unnecessary Workload for HR

Ever encountered occasions where employees lost their payslips and seek for HR department’s assistance? With the implementation of epayslip, issues of lost payslips will cease to exist as it is stored on the Web database and employees can retrieve it anytime, anywhere. HR personnels would have more time to focus on value-added activities with lesser interruption.