ESS/MSS (Employee Self Service / Manager Self Service)

iWoWSoft ESS Employee Self Service allows employees to manage their personal HR matters, such as viewing of e-payslip, leave application, expense claim application, request for change of address or update of a newborn family member. On the other hand, iWoWSoft MSS Manager Self Service allows all managers to view and manage their respective subordinate instantly and more efficiently, such as approving leave application, approving expense claim application, approving overtimes and scheduling of duty rooster.

ESS/MSS Key Features:

Reduce HR Workload and Save Costs

iWoWSoft ESS (Employee Self Service) and MSS (Manager Self Service) allows all employees at any location to log into the system to view their e-payslips, EA form, time attendance records, company announcement or submit expense claims. This reduces the HR Practitioner’s workload on printing and distributing payslips, hence saving printing and material costs as well!
employee self service / manager self service
Employee Self-Update Personal Information

iWoWSoft ESS Employee Self Service allows all employees to update their personal details, such as change of address, change of marital status, the arrival of a new child, etc., subject to HR approval. All the changes can be traced for audit purposes! This minimizes manual updates performed by HR personnel, thus saves time, as well as reduces cost and errors for the company.
Sharing Information with Heads of Departments

iWoWSoft MSS (Manager Self Service) allows all Heads of Departments to view respective subordinates' time attendance records, approve their overtimes and leave application with direct access to the iWoWSoft MSS system. This feature actually impacts the whole company operational processes, in terms of cost and efficiency.