Expense Claim

iWoWSoft Expense Claim helps you to manage department budgets and expenses better through a flexible setup and approving workflow. Other than the flexibility of defining the layout for each claim item, you can also set conditional approval, different approving workflow for different conditions and much more! Capitalizing on the advantage of being a web-based solution, employees can login to submit their travel expenses and attach the copy of the receipt. Once it has been verified by the supervisor, then it will route to the payroll system, finance or other departments to release payment.

Expense Claim Key Features:

Flexible and Comprehensive Approving Workflow

iWoWSoft Expense Claim's intelligent approving work flow allows you to automatically reject requests that do not provide supported documents for claim purposes, saving you time from verifying them manually. The best part about our smart approving work flow is it allows you to choose how you want to respond to the request, whether to reject it immediately, re-apply or request for higher-level approval.

Expense Claim Approving Workflow

Control via Claim Limit or Frequency

iWoWSoft Expense Claim allows you to set limit by total amount and number of times claimed. On top of that, you can also control the claim by time, category, job level and many more. If the limit is reached, you can choose whether it will be rejected automatically, or require a higher-level management approval, it’s all up to you!
Expense Claim Limit
Expense Claim in Advance

Just apply the advance claim first, and reconcile it later when you have the actual receipts. iWoWSoft Expense Claim will reconcile the difference between previous claims and the actual amount. Then, you will see the difference being debited or credited to your payroll!

Advance Expense Claim

Green Technology - 100% Paperless Solution

Upload receipts, invoices, certificates or any relevant documents to the system for easy record keeping. iWoWSoft Expense Claim helps you to keep all the documents just like your in-house data storage center. It allows the submission and approval of expense claims without the need to fill up any forms. Besides saving paper and time, you can access the expense claim record anytime and anywhere.
User-Definable Expense Claim Category and Type

iWoWSoft Expense Claim is flexible enough for you to create your own claim category, type or budget, according to your company’s actual operation needs.
Types of Expense Claim
User-Definable Claim Layout for Different Type of Expense Claim

iWoWSoft Expense Claim allows you to define the layout for different types of expense claims to capture the different information that you need for the claim.
UniExpense Claim
Unlimited Expense Group for Different Category of Employees

Companies have different benefits and entitlements for different employee groups. With iWoWSoft Expense ClaimExpense Group’s feature, it is easy to manage. It allows you to create different Expense Groups for employees with different claim entitlements. For example, an Expense Group for the Sales department, who are entitled for mileage claims, and another Expense Group for the Operation team, who are entitled for meal allowance and so on.
Expense Claim
Expense Claim