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HR Process Automation

Many expect wonderful things would happen right after getting a brand new HRMS solutions. More often than not, it always ended up with full disappointment if not disaster. Enterprise HRMS solutions purchased turn out to be the gigantic record keeping system that required more resources to maintain and taken care of, instead of offering a helping hand to reduce the already mounted workload.


Why the seemingly profound HRMS solutions fail to deliver its initial promises? How iWoWSoft can make a difference in terms of HR automation?

Focus On Processes, Not Completeness

Automation is about process optimization. Optimizing the existing operations/processes with innovative tools and ideas, eventually lead to time/resources reduce in producing the same amount of works, as well as boosting the productivity of the team. 


Most HRMS solutions however pay much attentions on selling a full-blown system features to cater every single HR needs. The all-in-one approach has greatly underestimated the time it takes to build a robust and powerful system. Eventually, users suffer from the half-baked and inferior products.


iWoWSoft choose a different path. We focus more on user experiences and HR process flow. System designed is comprised of the feedback and experience learned from the users, our supports as well as our sales team. The HR process automation start from a very user-centric designed and development principles.  iWoWHRMS is the product of deliberation on every details.

  • Designed based on most common HR practices.

  • Easily incorporate your hr policies and processes into the system.

  • Flexibility to change/revise policies along the way.

  • Enabled and job delegation for the employees and supervisors.

  • Comprehensive security controls.

  • Alert users common pitfalls and mistakes.

  • Fully integrated.

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