HRIS (Human Resource Information System)

iWoWSoft HRIS is a comprehensive employee database that allows you to store employee information. It is  also an intuitive system that understands how you work. iWoWSoft Human Resource Information System is fully integrated with other iWoWSoft HRMS modules, hence you do not need to maintain multiple sets of databases. Whenever there is a new recruit or a change that you want to update in the system, you only need to key in the information once. iWoWSoft HRIS will remind you on important dates, such as expiry dates of work permits, medical checkups, due confirmations etc. There are many features in our modules that help you to minimize manual and repetitive tasks, thus saving time and improve efficiency.

Besides, since HR information can be very sensitive and important, the updating  is typically done by the HR department, which creates an additional workload for HR practitioners. iWoWSoft web-based Human Resource Information System eliminates this problem by allowing employees to update their information themselves, but it will only be updated to the system AFTER HR approves it.

HRIS Key Features:

Fully integrated With Other HRMS Modules

Unlike most of the HRIS systems on the market, iWoWSoft HRIS is fully integrated with all our other HRMS modules. Once you create an employee record, all the other modules can access the record, saving you time for creating multiple similar records for the same employee for different HR modules. Similarly, any changes or updates to the employee's details will be reflected in other modules as well.


Comprehensive Advanced Search Feature

With iWoWSoft HRIS Advanced Search Feature, you can pre-set your favorite search terms and fine tune the search area for improved and faster results. Just save the pre-set search terms as your favorites and use it again next time.


Also, Advanced Search allows the team member to collaborate better by sharing your pre-set search terms with other colleagues.

Transfer of Companies or Subsidiaries within Group

Temporarily transferring staff to company subsidiary A for 3 months, and then have them return to company subsidiary B after that? Not a problem at all! iWoWSoft HRIS allows transfers between companies or subsidiaries within a group to be done easily and lets you to charge the salary to the correct cost center. It could be shown in the employee's career progression. 


Employee Self-Update Information with HR Approval

iWoWSoft HRiS allows all employees to verify and update their latest Personal Details to the system, subject to HR approval. This feature would be the best tool to assist admin users having yearly exercises, to maintain the most up- to-date employee details.


Email Alert System - REMINDER

iWoWSoft HRIS helps you to keep track of important dates, such as Expiry Dates of Work Passes, Medical Checkups, Driving Licenses, Insurance Guarantees, Passports, Birthdays etc. This enables the HR manager to focus on managing people and talent, instead of spending hours on unproductive administrative tasks. 


E-Employee Handbook

Organizes all employee details under one roof, by using our Employee Information Center. Besides the full range of data for employee personal details, iWoW HRIS allows you to upload all relevant files for the employee, such as Letter of offer, confirmation letter, certificates etc. Say good bye to the hassle of keeping hard copy records and make the world greener! 


Career Progression by Effective Date

With our comprehensive Career Progression feature, every employee's career movement can be traced and managed easily from the day they were recruited, be it a promotion, change of department, salary adjustment or even if they re-joined after they resigned. The descriptions for the career progression are user definable; you decide a meaningful word for your organization.


You can define each of the progression description according to your HR policy, pre-decide the next action date and the system will send you an email reminder of the upcoming career movement. On top of that, all the career movements are date-sensitive, in other words, you can pre-update the career movements that are going to happen after 3 months (such as promotion, confirmation, etc) and iWoWSoft HRIS will automatically make the changes on your pre-set date without affecting your present monthly payroll calculation. Since iWoWSoft HRIS system is date-sensitive, that means it can accurately reflect the actual situation for all your historical data, without restoring to your archive files, and you could create future career progression dates anytime you are free.

E-Letter Generator

With this feature, you only need to define a letter template once for official HR-issued letters such as Letters of Appointment, Confirmation and Warning etc. Once created, the system will generate these letters for everyone.