HRMS Mobile Apps

Not every employee has the luxury of owning a computer or a laptop. We are however certain that the majority of people will own at least one smartphone. With that in mind, the mobile application is the best way to reach all levels of employees in the fastest pace without hefty infrastructure investment from the company.

Available on the most popular mobile platforms

​Download iWpWSoft's HRMS Mobile Apps on popular platforms:

  • iOS.

  • Android.

Real time notification

​With iWoWSoft HRMS Mobile Apps, it keeps you notified at all times.

  • Get instant notification in real time.

  • Enable push notifications to receive notifications.

Self-service on the go

HRMS Mobile Apps enables employees and managers to perform self service tasks at their fingertips.

  • View payslip.

  • Check duty roster.

  • View individual time entry.

  • Apply/Approve/Reject leave.

  • Submit/Approve/Reject expense claim.

  • Approve/Reject overtime.

Easy and convenient instant access

Access to HRMS Mobile Apps anywhere and anytime with internet connection.

  • No setup required.

  • Sign in once.

  • Keeps you logged in.

Start using in no time 

iWoWSoft HRMS Mobile Apps is designed to shorten the learning curve.

  • User friendly.

  • Easy navigation.

Other must have features you will love:
  • View company announcement and time entry.

  • Snap picture of receipt to submit claims.

  • Check expense claim approving status.

  • Snap picture of medical certificate to apply for Medical Leave.

  • Access duty roster on demand.

  • View leave taken and balance.

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