HRMS Modules


iWoWSoft HRMS is a Fully Web-Based Human Resource Management System based on SaaS (Software as a Service) or Cloud Computing model, which is made up of six (6) different modules, namely: HRIS, e-Payroll, e-Leave, e-Attendance: e-Overtime & i-Clock / Web Clock, Expense Claim and ESS/MSS Employee/Manager Self Service, which cover all of the important HR aspects for all companies. The most significant advantage of iWoWSoft HRMS is allowing respective Heads of Departments to manage their respective subordinates via the HR system, particularly for multi-location operations. Real-time data and the effective sharing of information are important factors that help every manager make better decisions.

Moving Toward Strategic HR Management

There will always be critical HR transactions to be performed and this where Human Resource Management System comes in. It helps the HR team effectively execute required transactions with the least time and effort, with the objective of freeing up HR professionals to meet the strategic needs of the business for greater communication, productivity and profitability!

  • Fully Web-Based Technology: Allows the sharing of Data and Information for all employees and Heads of Departments, anytime, anywhere.

  • All HRMS Modules Fully Integrated: Eliminates the manual import and export of data between different modules. It is more efficient and reduces human error.

  • Remove Unnecessary Manual Workload: Does away with leave forms, overtime forms, as well as the filling and storing of forms / documents for retrieval purposes.

  • Increased Productivity and Efficiency: HRMS simplifies all hectic HR processes and gets more done in less time.

  • Comprehensive Security Access Management: Control what you can do, who you can see and what data you can access for security purposes.

  • Communicate More Effectively: Great HRMS solution offers secure, reliable, accurate information and more effective communication, moving towards strategic HR management.

  • Return on Employee Investment (ROEI): The right HRMS solution can help your organization achieve better ROEI, by supporting the HR department while it implements effective benefits and programs for recruiting and retention of best-performing employees.