i-Clock / Web-Clock

You may have invested in a clocking device, only to learn that it presents several drawbacks. For example, the device may not be integrated with attendance, or it may require additional resources to manually extract attendance data on a daily basis. No doubt, it is a painful experience to have invested in something to address problem A, only to find that it creates problem B.

i-Clock and web-Clock have been designed to address numerous long-standing issues, including easy deployment, lower capital expenditure, and managing of flexi working hours.

i-Clock / Web-Clock Key Features:

Employee Clock In / Clock Out via any PC, Laptop or Tablet

It is a software that allows employees to clock in and out via a desktop computer, laptop or tablet.

i-Clock / Web-Clock

No Investment on Clocking Devices

With i-Clock / Web-Clock, there will be no more investment on hardware for clocking devices.

Prevention of Unauthorized Clocking

It automatically captures an image while a staff clocks in, to avoid unauthorized clocking.

i-Clock / Web-Clock

Effortless to Deploy

It is easily deployed and does not require fingerprint registration or the issuing of proximity cards. Employees can clock in and out as soon as their data has been added to HRIS.

Eliminate Manual Data Extraction

Its built-in auto push engine automatically pushes the recorded in and out times to a secure server, eliminating the need for manual extraction of data.

Ability to Cater for Flexi-Policies

It can cater to flexi-breaks and Call-Back Overtimes.

i-Clock / Web-Clock

Seamlessly Integrated with Attendance for Duty Roster.

Designed for use in single and multi-locations.

i-Clock / Web-Clock