Fully Web-Based HR System

All HR Modules are fully Integrated

Flexible Approving Workflow

Security Access Management

Accuracy of Payroll & Statutory Deduction

No Month-End & Year-End Closing

DIY Design-It-Yourself Report

Auto Email Alert Notification

Fully Web-Based HR System
Features: iWoWSoft HRMS is a fully web-based HR Software that is ideal for businesses operating from multiple locations, that need real-time data and an efficient HR system for supporting business growth. It provides you a hassle-free HR System that expands to meet your business growth plan!
Scenario: Whenever you open a new office, you need only to login from your new location and everything will work just the way you want it to, saving you time and the cost of installing and setting up the software again. On top of that, iWoWSoft HRMS provides absolute mobility to your work force. You can approve leave request from your sofa, or download expenses claim reports for viewing while you are on your way to the airport!


  • Access it anytime, anywhere you like! Applicable for all modules: HRIS, e-Payroll, e-Leave, e-Attendance, Expense Claim and ESS & MSS.

  • Real-time data availability for multiple locations, all employees can access the system anytime, anywhere using any computer.

  • Removes manual updating and consolidates data for reporting purposes.

  • Simple and easy expansion plan.​

  • Improve collaboration and communication between team members, while reducing Human Resource Cost.

What are the differences between iWoWSoft's fully web-based HR Software and others?

All HR Modules are Fully Integrated
Features: Built on a single-platform technology, our modules: HRIS, e-Payroll, e-Attendance, e-Leave, Expense Claim and ESS/MSS are all fully integrated with each other. Centralizing all your HR data can yield significant savings to your company; as retrieving data from different system and passing it onto another system can be very time consuming. There's no need to waste time and perform manual import and export of data to different HR function programs such as payroll, leave, claim, etc.
Scenario: iWoWSoft HRMS modules use the same database; you do not need to recreate the same employee details for different modules. Whenever an employee detail is updated in the HRIS module, it will be available for access by another module. For example, when the employee submits his claim in the Expense Claim module, once approved, e-Payroll will automatically include this claim amount in the next payroll.


  • Fully integrated with all iWoWSoft HRMS modules, hence improves productivity and efficiency.

  • Provides a comprehensive HR solution, instead of a standalone program.

  • Saves time and cost by sharing a single database.

  • No more import/export of data for different HR modules between e-Payroll, e-Attendance and e-Leave.

Flexible Approving Workflow
Features: Define your own HR approving workflow to streamline operation and increase efficiency. iWoWSoft HRMS offers the flexibility of setting up your own approving workflow that enables you to put in place effective control, yet still maintain efficiency. Automated workflow reduces manual processes, hence minimizes human error and generates faster turnaround times. It also ensures the key business processes are being followed and comply with company policy.
Scenario: By setting up a standard workflow, you can reduce manual steps in your daily operation. For example, iWoWSoft HRMS will auto-respond to any application according to your pre-defined HR Policy, hence saving the time needed to review and verify routine requests manually.


  • Define your own HR approving workflow.

  • Pre-defined response for different scenarios.

  • Improve business efficiency through expediting operation process.

  • Ensure execution of company HR policy through flexible approving workflow.

Security Access Management
Features: Place control in your hands by customizing the level of accessibility for each user. Flexible security access management allows you to delegate tasks to the right personnel. HR data could be sensitive; hence control on the access of HR information is crucial for every HR practitioner. iWoWSoft HRMS allows you to define the level of access to HR data, so that everyone can only access to the data approved by management based on their role.
Scenario: You can define the access level based on job group, work location or role, according to your company's set up. For example, a site supervisor can access his subordinates' time attendance records, as well as verify and approve their OT, but not view their other sensitive HR data, or those of other departments' subordinates.


  • Flexible security access management by job group, role, or even work location.

  • Stringent security control on sensitive data. Right job delegation via proper security access control.

Accuracy of Payroll & Statutory Deduction
Features: Spending a lot of time verifying the accuracy or errors of your payroll and statutory deduction? With iWoWSoft e-Payroll, accuracy of the calculation is assured. On top of this, iWoWSoft has also invested and incorporated Unit Text or Text Automation Technology to further enhance stability and minimize errors or system bugs.
Scenario: Your past investment on a HR system hasn't paid off or made your job any easier. Now, you find yourself spending endless hours verifying calculations within tight deadlines. With an intelligent system that dependably calculates with accuracy, you can minimize errors and get the job done fast.


  • Accurate payroll calculation with links to IRB for verification!

  • Shows detailed calculation of Basic Pay, Allowances, Deduction, EPF, SocSo and PCB for easy verification.

  • Audit trail for payroll processes.

  • Saves your resources from seeking Vendor's support and increases efficiency.

  • The first and only in the market that calculates all Payroll, Overtime and statutory deduction based on effective date, even for adjustment of past month's salary!

No Month-End & Year-End Closing
Features: Refer to past data easily and no need to restore past data for correction! Using the latest technology and taking into consideration the latest business environment during the design stage, our solution does not have month-end and year-end closing. This means you can refer to the historical data easily, without having to restore to past month's data. You can also generate the EA form, EPF or income tax statement any time you want, because there are no restrictions of month-end and year-end closing.
Scenario: Do you have to back up your data monthly because your HR software will overwrite it every month? Do you have to restore it to the past month's data, just to make a minor correction? iWoWSoft HRMS has no month-end and year-end closing, so you do not need to backup data every month or print out pages upon pages of reports to avoid losing of past data. All your past months' data and records can be accessed immediately. The best part is the front-end Audit Trail that allows you to trace who, when and what had been processed for each of the payment period!


  • Refer to historical HR data easily without restoring to past months' data.

  • No monthly manual back up of data for record keeping.

  • Generates statutory reports anytime you want.

DIY (Design-It-Yourself) Report
Features: Don’t pay for the customization of reports, it's expensive. Design it yourself! Designed with the end user’s needs in mind, we allow the user to design your own report! Using our DIY Report feature, you can easily define the report format that you need.
Scenario: Once you've designed your own report, you can save the format and share it with other colleagues. For example, a HR manager can design the report format, and share it with HR executive for them to run the report every month. iWoWSoft HRMS also offers enhanced security features for the HR report. For example, the data downloaded will be based on user’s access level. In other words, you can control what every user can view and do.


  • Design your own report and save money.

  • Simple and easy-to-use DIY report feature.

  • Save the report format as a template and share it with the team.

  • Comprehensive security access management.

Auto Email Alert Notification
Features: Reminds and updates you of upcoming HR events. iWoWSoft HRMS email notification feature gives you peace of mind and allows you to focus on your daily operation. You can also receive email notifications on employee’s lateness and early clock outs. Just decide who you want the system to alert on this matter, and let the system do the rest of the work!
Scenario: Worried about missing an important event? Forgot that there is a new staff joining tomorrow? Worry no more! Let the system manage all the upcoming events for you, so that you can focus on delivering your business target. By setting up the email notification, you will not miss out and forget any important HR event again.


  • Auto email notifications on all upcoming company's key events.

  • Alerts on all career progression movement, such as new staff, confirmations, promotions, transfers etc.

  • Allows supervisors or approving officers to be notified of their subordinates' leave application/cancellation/replacement.

  • Reminds of expiry of passports, work permits, driving licenses etc.

  • Notifications on lateness, early clock outs, late in etc.