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Mobile Attendance Clocking App (Clocking via Mobile Phones)

When the conventional clocking device is no longer an option, maybe it’s time to use the technology to help record the employee attendance. iWoW Clock will log all GPS locations for wherever you clock (Outlets, branches and places where attendance devices are unavailable).

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Clock using Mobile Phones with GPS Location Logged

iWoWSoft's Attendance Clocking App logs clocking locations.

  • Predefined list of locations by admin.

  • Able to clock even if not within the radius of predefined locations.

Keep Track of Clocking History on the go

To view all clocking history, it can be done easily using Attendance Clocking App.

  • History by Month and Year.

  • View clocking type, clocking time and clocking location.

  • Shows clocking for the whole month.

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Immediate Notification sent to Superior or HR

Attendance Clocking App works well with our HRMS Mobile Apps

  • Superior gets notified  if clocking is detected out of range or without location.

Easy Deployment

Save on deployment time with our Attendance Clocking App.

  • Ready for download on iOS and Android.

  • Just login with ESS account credentials and start clocking.

  • Stay logged in.

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Zero Investment in Clocking Device - with License.jpg
Zero Investment on Clocking Hardware

With an attendance clocking app, clocking hardware are not required.

  • Save on huge investment costs that comes with using clocking hardware.

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