We know the CHALLENGES  you face. We are here to provide SOLUTIONS !
In today's competitive business environment, HR teams are being brought into the overall corporate strategy and are expected to contribute in new ways to larger corporate initiatives.


Manual and Routine Tasks:
Do you feel overloaded with manual and routine tasks day in and day out? As a HR Practitioner, you are often faced with abundant administrative work that takes up much of your working day. Although tedious and repetitive, these tasks are the backbone of your company's human resource management. From leave applications to payroll processing, and from overtime claims to compensation and benefits, every HR process requires numerous steps that have to be handled properly, expediently and discreetly, with no margin for error. This, understandably, places a great burden on the person responsible for ensuring that everything is done in a timely and accurate manner. Haven't you ever wondered if there was a better way for you to do all these things?

Solution: iWoWSoft HRMS will automate your entire HR process, which means you'll never have to do anything manually and on paper again. This also ensures the security and accuracy of sensitive information in employee files and that compliance initiatives are supported.

The challenges you face may be difficult, but they are not insurmountable. Let iWoWSoft show you that things can be changed for the better!
Keeping Up To Date with Changes:
Are you resistant to changing the way you work? As with many workers who've been at their jobs for many years, you may not want to change the way you've done things all along, just for the sake of changing with the times. This may due to several factors, either because you feel the current system has worked well for you and there's no reason to change; or you're in your comfort zone; or you feel threatened by technology, envisioning that your role within the company might be soon replaced by a software or computer. You may also believe that technology is not as dependable as say, a human's brain, eyes and hands. However, if you don't open your eyes to positive change and aren't willing to embrace it, how can you ever expect to improve yourself, your job and how you work? 

Solution: iWoWSoft HRMS can help you embrace appropriate HR technologies, so that you'll see them as an aid, and not a hindrance to your work and position. As it heightens the effectiveness of your HR functions, you'll find that technology can play a vital role in supporting and driving the success of your HR management efforts.

Investing In The Wrong Solutions:
Have you invested in a solution that has failed you? At some point in your career as a HR Practitioner, you may have taken part in the procurement of a solution that promised to make HR management much easier and more efficient than ever before. Unfortunately, you discovered a little too late that the solution you've invested so much in has made promises that it cannot keep.  Worse still, the solution has created a slew of new problems for you to tackle in its wake. Don't you wish there was a way out of this mess?

Solution: iWoWSoft can help you make the transition from an old and inefficient system, to a fully-integrated and automated HRMS. This will enable you to focus on more strategic HR functions, such as personnel recruitment, retention and relations, thus significantly increasing your company's productivity and efficiency levels.

Finding A User-Friendly Solution:
Have you found it hard to find a solution that's easy to use? If you've had difficulty in sourcing a dependable HRMS that is user friendly, rest assured that it's not because you're completely out of touch with technology. In truth, you're not the only one who has faced this problem. Many HR Practitioners have encountered solutions that have made claims of being easy to use, but proven to be the exact opposite in practice. After suffering countless frustrations, would you believe that a user-friendly solution is within reach?

Solution: iWoWSoft places utmost importance on the user-friendliness of our HRMS and a positive user experience as a whole. Therefore, we've designed our automated and intuitive system to be easy to understand and use from the start. This will also improve your level of service to your employees, thus increasing satisfaction and reducing turnover.

The challenges you face may be difficult, but they are not insurmountable. Let iWoWSoft show you that things can be changed for the better!


iWoWSoft believes in staying COMPETITIVE & INNOVATIVE in this ever-changing business and technological environment. Therefore, we've adopted innovative solutions and latest technologies to develop a fully-integrated, automated, streamlined and user-friendly HRMS, which allows you to manage all your HR processes securely, easily and quickly, whilst enhancing your user experience. Hence, we believe in: 

Latest Technology - Manual vs. Automated:

iWoWSoft encourages you to utilize sophisticated technology — whether managed in-house or with outsourcing vendors. This will free your HR staff from day-to-day transactional burdens and enable your HR teams to function strategically in support of changing business objectives. Applying the right technological solutions to transactional needs increases the ability to focus on HR strategy to achieve productivity and efficiency.  iWoWSoft's strength in automated HR processes can help you focus and increase productivity in the crucial areas of your business operations.

HRMS Integration Capability:

Over the years, your business has probably used a variety of software to handle multiple HR tasks. iWoWSoft HRMS solutions may be able to replace many of these outdated systems.  iWoWSoft HRMS solutions are fully integrated to make downtime less of an issue.

Long-term Investment:

Are you losing all your earlier investments on a HR system and looking for a better one? A HR System is a long-term Investment and all businesses plan to grow, but is your HR System Provider able to grow along with you? iWoWSoft not only looks into your current HR Requirements, but for the next 5 to 10 years as well. iWoWSoft's Web-Based HR System is scalable.