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(Human Resource Information System)


hris dashboard

As the core of every HR solution. Let us show you how we turn the most daunting daily chores into the main drive for automation.

hris dashboard


With iWoWSoft HRMS' HRIS Dashboard, you can:

  • View numbers of overdue actions.

  • View module health status.

  • Validate missing information.

  • Eliminate human checking.

Wizard in Action

Our HRIS Exit Management Wizard helps with:

  • Calculating short of notice, leave balances, in lieu of notice and leave encashment.

  • Knocking off leave days.

  • Handling approving workflow replacement after employee resigns.

  • Keeping track of company assets - with checklists.

hris wizard
hris alert

Smart HRIS Alert

With our HRIS alert, you can easily set up notifications for:

  • Driving License, Immigration, Passport and Work Pass Expiry.

  • Birthday

  • Medical Checkup

  • Retirement

  • Next Career Progression

D.I.Y Report

The HRIS D.I.Y Report is a powerful tool:

  • Design your own report.

  • Create unlimited reports.

  • Save created reports for future use.

  • Share the D.I.Y report designed to your superior, peers and subordinates with different levels of permission controls.

  • Customize as detailed as the margin size, paper orientation, font type and etc.

diy report
e letter generator

e-Letter Generator

iWoWSoft's HRIS module let's you generate e-letters for different career progressions.

  • Define your own letter layout.

  • Generate e-Letters with a click of button.

Employee Self-Update Information

With HRIS' Employee Self Update Information, you can: 

  • Grant permission to employees to submit changes on their profiles.

  • Set the administrative workflow control for approval of information changes.

ess employee self service

Other must have features you will love

Staff Turnover Analytic Report

Inter-company Transfer

Employee Profile Management

Training Report

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