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Monitoring & Health Check

Daily, weekly or monthly routine monitoring and checking have become an essential job of iWoWSoft's engineers and supports. 

Daily Ticket Monitoring

  • Monitor overdue tickets.

  • Ensure no unattended tickets.

  • Check on SLA violation.

Server Health Check Monitoring

  • iWoWHRMS health check.

  • Capacity provisioning.

  • CPU, Disk I/O and RAM utilization monitoring.

  • Disk failure checking.

Remote Access Monitoring

  • Regular monitoring on suspicious remote access.

  • Random page access checking.

  • Random system access checking.

Backup file monitoring

  • Ensure database backup are performed as planned.

  • Ensure documents are backup as planned.

  • Ensure multiple backup copies available.

  • Restoration test.

Project Monitoring

  • Weekly Project status monitoring.

  • Monthly project summary update.

  • Project risks management.

  • Timeline monitoring.

Vulnerability Monitoring

  • Weekly Web Vulnerability Scanning.

  • Biannual thorough scanning.

  • Ensure patched available if vulnerability found.

  • Regular Threat activities monitoring.

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