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Professional Project Management

Enterprise solutions take months if not years to be implemented. Your project could be at stake if it is managed by an inexperience team. The success of the project will not only be determined by the products alone. The professional project team is vital in making sure the HRMS project timeline, risks, expectations and resources are well planned and managed.

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Professional and Experienced Team
  • Experienced project implementer / project adviser.

  • Unmatched project success rate. 0% failure rate till date.

  • Professional and excellent project status update and follow up skills.

Proven Implementation Methology
  • Detail requirement study and GAP analysis.

  • Professional advise and project settings.

  • Documented project flow, timeline.

  • Project risks management skill.

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C-Level Executive Commitment - with License.jpg
C-Level Executive Commitment
  • Weekly internal project status meeting.

  • At least one C-Level executive will be sitting through the meeting.

  • Project timeline delayed will be scrutinized.

Regular Project Status Update and Monitoring
  • Project stakeholders will always keep informed on the latest progress.

  • Regular monitoring tools on the project status.

  • Closed monitoring on high risk or resource intensive project.

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