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Our Technology & Infrastructure

Technology has become an indispensable and integrated part of the business like never seen before. The right technology not just helping to boost the team productivity, it also bring innovation and assist the business to reach the unreachable. The massive business grows and transformed will not happen in the modern world without the technology in place.


With iWoWHRMS, you are assured that the technology we used is stacked on the most leading and advanced platforms. 

Most Robust and Advanced Tools - with License.jpg
Truly Scalable
  • Thousands of concurrent user accesses in one single server.

  • Flexible to add more nodes when necessary.

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Cross platform Mobile Support
  • Support the most popular mobile platforms. - Android and iOS.

  • Truly native apps, not just ordinary web app.

Modern Web Browser - with License.jpg
Most Robust and Advanced Tools
  • ASP.Net with RESTful API support.

  • Windows Server (one of the most popular operating system).

  • IIS Web Server.

  • SQL database.

  • Latest HTML 5 technology.

Truly Scalable - with License.jpg
  • Blazing fast flash disk, enormous RAM to support high performance demand. 

  • Distributed Cache.

  • Fast response time.

Accessible by modern web browsers
  • Google Chrome support.

  • Microsoft Edge support.

  • Apple Safari Support.

  • Firefox support.

Auto Deployment
  • No manual update.

  • Unattended update with a click of button.

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Enterprise Grade Infrastructure - with License.jpg
Enterprise Grade Infrastructure
  • Tier 3 data center.

  • ISO 27001 certified, PCI-DSS certified, TRVA.

  • Disk level fault tolerance.

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