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Our Technology
& Infrastructure

With iWoWHRMS, you are assured that the technology we used is stacked on the most leading and advanced platforms. 

Most Robust and Advanced Tools

  • ASP.Net with RESTful API support.

  • Windows Server (one of the most popular operating system).

  • IIS Web Server.

  • SQL database.

  • Latest HTML 5 technology.

Truly Scalable

  • Thousands of concurrent user accesses in one single server.

  • Flexible to add more nodes when necessary.


  • Blazing fast flash disk, enormous RAM to support high performance demand. 

  • Distributed Cache.

  • Fast response time.

Cross platform Mobile Support

  • Support the most popular mobile platforms. - Android and iOS.

  • Truly native apps, not just ordinary web app.

Accessible by modern web browsers

  • Google Chrome support.

  • Microsoft Edge support.

  • Apple Safari Support.

  • Firefox support.

Auto Deployment

  • No manual update.

  • Unattended update with a click of button.

Enterprise Grade Infrastructure

  • Tier 3 data center.

  • ISO 27001 certified, PCI-DSS certified, TRVA.

  • Disk level fault tolerance.

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