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i-Clock / Web Clock

i-Clock and web-Clock have been designed to address numerous long-standing issues, including easy deployment, lower capital expenditure, and managing of flexi working hours.

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Clock In and Clock Out

iWoWSoft's I-Clock and Web Clock allows employees to clock in and clock out.

  • Employee clock in/clock out via any PC, laptop or tablet.

  • Give devices permission to allow clocking.

No Investment on Clocking Devices

Use iWoWSoft's i-Clock and WebClock to track employees' attendance.

  • Save cost on clocking hardware.

Effortless Deployment

Start using i-Clock and WebClock once access is enabled.

  • It is easily deployed and does not require fingerprint registration or the issuing of proximity cards.

  • Employees can clock in and out as soon as their data has been added to HRIS.

  • I-Clock can be installed on PCs, laptops or tablets.

  • Web Clock can be accessed through the web with a URL.

Eliminate Manual Data Extraction

All clocking data captured from the i-Clock and WebClock will be pushed to iWoWSoft HRMS' e-Attendance module.

  • Its built-in auto push engine automatically pushes the recorded in and out times to a secure server.

time entry screen
flexi policies clocking

Ability to Cater for Flexi-Policies

i-Clock and Web Clock do more than just allowing clocking in and clocking out at work.

  • Allows employees to clock for break and caters for flexi-break hours.

  • Clocking is also available for call-back overtime.

Other must have features you will love:

Prevention of Unauthorized Clocking.

Seamlessly Integrated with Attendance for Duty Roster.

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