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e - Expense Claim

expense claim dashboard

If there is something that can bother HR, employees, supervisors and finance team at the same time, it must be the expense claim. iWoWSoft’s expense claim module could be your saviour.​

approving workflow

Flexible approving workflow – Different claim types with different approving officers

Our Expense Claim module provides flexibility in terms of approving workflow as well.

  • Unlimited workflow group setting.

  • Different expense workflow based on individual claim types.

  • Up to 5 level approvers for each approving workflow with multiple approvers in each level.

Advanced Expense Claim Control

With iWoWSoft's Expense Claim module, control the claim limits for expense items.

  • Unlimited Expense entitlement group to cater for different group of users.

  • Flexible layout setting based on individual claim types.

  • Batch expense claim submissions with different workflow routing.

  • Limit control by Day, Month and Year.

  • Supports foreign currency.

advance claim control
gl integration

Customizable GL Integration

Customization of GL Integration is available in iWoWSoft's Expense Claim module.

  • Integrates with Payroll.

  • Export and upload the customized file directly to your finance system after payroll processing.

No more scanning / photostating - Snap and go with HRMS mobile apps

Using Expense Claim on HRMS Mobile Apps is absolutely convenient.

  • Snap pictures of receipts directly from the apps and submit expense claim.

claim submit mobile app
advance expense claim

Support expense claim in advance

If there is a need to make claims in advance and declared at a later time, our Expense Claim module can help with that.

  • Allows employees to make claims in advance.

  • Declaration of expense claims details. 

  • Auto variance computation for advance claim and declarations.

Other must have features you will love

Definable expense claim layout by type.


e-Banking payment.

Unlimited expense claim group/types.

User D.I.Y Payroll Report.

Cater for multi-currency.

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