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Complex HR Requirements.

Every Complex HR Requirements Needs iWoWHRMS Solution

With every complexity, unique HR policy and requirements, HR always find it challenging to get one solution that fits its specific needs. Countless time has been wasted working around the limitations of existing solutions.


iWoWHRMS chooses a different path. We use technology to help automating the HR's processes and enable HR with endless possibilities.

We offer wide range of products to cater for different HR daily operation needs. From Payroll to Leave, from Attendance to Claim, from Overtime to third-party GL integration; there must be one that suits your needs. Learn more

One of the very few HRMS solution that support multiple companies HR policies with organization level consolidated report.

Real-time unlimited location monitoring and flexible duty roster management by superior.  Learn more

Not a single performance breakdown for more than 20,000 headcounts in consecutive 3 years.

To incorporate the complex HR policy into the system and streamline your HR processes, you need no more than a professional  and experienced HRMS system project consultant. Talk to our expert to understand more. Learn more

iWoWSoft has been putting relentless investment and efforts like no other to ensure customers' information is well-guarded and secure. Learn more on how your data is being protected.

Constrained by the only cubicle workplace in your office? Let us free you and your team from workplace restriction. You can now access the HRMS and process payroll anytime anywhere.

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HRMS Licensing Option

iWoWSoft provides more flexibility in terms of licensing options. You are not limited to Cloud or On-Premise. You can always make your preferred choice based on your IT infrastructure and team availability as well as your IT security compliance policy. It’s your call.


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*Best suited for companies with 100 employees and above*



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