Do you have large stacks of OT forms to reconcile each month? And do you dedicate many hours each day to sorting out employee overtimes? If you do, you're not alone. But in truth, these non-value added activities just take up too much of your precious time and resources. 

To help address this issue, iWoWSoft has developed a long-awaited solution that is yet to be widely available in the market. Our solution not only helps you to save on paper, but it also automates your entire attendance and overtime process, from beginning to end. This enables you to free up your HR Admin for more value-added activities. What's more, your HR Admin and Heads of Departments will be able to access up-to-date attendance and overtimes data anytime, anywhere.

e-Overtime Key Features:

Paperless OT Forms

It's paperless, so there's no need to fill out overtime forms, which can be time consuming. This is especially true for companies with large headcounts of 100 and above.


Remove HR Burden on Reconciling OT Forms

It takes the tedium out of reconciling overtime forms, which not only have to be compiled by employees, but also day type, as different working days will have different overtime rates.

Definable OT Approving Workflow

In addition to having a definable approving workflow of up to 5 levels, it allows Heads of Departments or approving officers to approve or reject overtime claims easily, without having to manually check their staff's in/out times.


Automation on Capturing and Highlight OT

On top of displaying in/out times on the screen, the system will also automatically capture and highlight overtimes based on predefined OT and Rounding Policies.

Seamlessly Integrated with Attendance Duty Rosters

It can be seamlessly integrated with Attendance for Duty Rosters


Seamlessly Integrated with Payroll

It can be seamlessly integrated with Payroll.