iWoWSoft HRMS Human Resource Management System modules
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Fully Web Based HRMS Solution

Access information anytime, anywhere you want! Improve communication and allow employees to access and share data. Relieving burden on HR Team.

Accuracy of Payroll & Statutory Deduction

Experiencing Payroll and Statutory Deductions inaccuracy? Our Human Resource Management System clarifies this issue with detailed calculation for easy verification.

All HRMS Modules Fully Integrated

By using a single platform, our modules are fully integrated with each other, hence the ability to deliver significant savings and remove manual Human Resource Management processes of your company.

User Friendly Data Retrieval

Refer to past data with ease and no restoring past data for error modification. We store everything for you starting day one using our Human Resource Management System!

Flexible Approving Workflow

Definable approving workflow to streamline operations and increase efficiency. Approving of Overtime, e-Leave Application, e-Expense Claim Application  etc using our Human Resource Management System.

DIY Design-It-Yourself Report

Don’t pay for expensive report optimizations, design it yourself using our Human Resource Management System! Whenever you need a new report format, just do it yourself.

Security Access Management

By customizing the level of accessibility for each role, the control is in your hands. You decide what your user can do, and who they can view in this Human Resource Management System.

Auto Email Alert System

A Human Resource Management System that remind and update you of New Join, Due for Confirmation, Resign, Accident, Absence, Lateness, e-Leave Application, Passport Expiry, Insurance Guarantee and etc.